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City of Evansville

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke
Clerk     Laura Brown Windhorst
City Council Ward 1                  Daniel McGinn
City Council Ward 2      Missy Mosby 
City Council Ward 3  Anna Hargis 
City Council Ward 4  Constance Robinson 
City Council Ward 5  Justin Elpers
City Council Ward 6 Jim Brinkmeyer 
City Council At Large     Michelle Mercer
City Council At Large  Dr. H. Dan Adams 
City Council At Large  Jonathan Weaver 


Vanderburgh County

Assessor                                     Bill Fluty
Auditor Brian Gerth
Clerk of the Court     Carla Hayden
Coroner Steve Lockyear
Prosecuting Attorney      Nicholas Herrmann 
Recorder  Debbie Stucki 
Sheriff  Dave Wedding
Surveyor  Jeffrey D. Mueller 
Treasurer  Susan K. Kirk 
Commissioner District 1      Ben Shoulders
Commissioner District 2  Bruce Ungethiem
Commissioner District 3  Cheryl Musgrave
Council District 1  James Raben 
Council District 2  Tom Shetler Jr. 
Council District 3  Stephanie Terry 
Council District 4  John Montrastelle
Council At Large      Ed Bassemeier 
Council At Large Joe Kiefer
Council At Large Angela Koehler Lindsey 


Vanderburgh County Courts

Circuit Court Hon. David D. Kiely
Superior Court                          Hon. Leslie C. Shively 
Superior Court Hon. Richard D'Amour 
Superior Court   Hon. Brett J. Niemeier 
Superior Court   Hon. Robert J. Pigman
Superior Court   Hon. Robert J. Tornatta 
Superior Court   Hon. Mary Margaret Lloyd 
Superior Court   Hon. Wayne S.  Trockman 


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