Cost to attend:

  • Mandatory academy uniforms and ammunition
  • SWILEA has an agreement with The Kunkel Group to house non-commuting academy students for $1200 each for the full 17 weeks
  • Agencies enrolling part-time officers or deputies need to know they may be bumped if agencies enrolling full time sworn officers or deputies cause the class to reach maximum enrollment
  • SWILEA does NOT accept officers or deputies that serve their agencies in a Reserve status.  Must be a full time or part-time sworn officer/deputy.

Following is a brief overview of what SWILEA is all about:

  • 17 weeks or approximately 580 hours of training (8a – 4p, M – F, holidays off)
  • Classroom instruction combined with scenario based/sims style training
  • SWILEA is geared toward training officers/deputies who can work anywhere in Indiana
  • Instructors are officers and deputies who are actually working in the field they are instructing
  • SWILEA’s curriculum is approved by LETB
  • Academy class size is capped at 24 students.  This allows a lot of one on one instruction with the students.  It also allows the academy instructors to get to know each student on a personal basis.
  • SWILEA students are trained and/or certified in SFST, STOPS, TOPS and NIMS ICS 100, 200 and 700
  • SWILEA will have two sessions per year starting sometime in February and July

Major areas of training covered at SWILEA (including the six mentioned above) are:

  • Report writing
  • Domestic violence
  • Criminal, misdemeanor and traffic law
  • Firearms (handgun, shotgun and patrol rifle)
  • Patrol techniques
  • Building searches/active shooter
  • Water safety
  • Crime scene
  • Narcotics
  • Defensive tactics
  • EVO
  • Working around Police K-9s
  • EMS awareness
  • Crash investigations


Captain Gary Voegel              812-436-7940              gvoegel@evansvillepolice.com

Sergeant Brian Talsma          812-436-7950               btalsma@evansvillepolice.com

Officer Chuck Knoll                812-436-7951               cknoll@evansvillepolice.com

Officer Jared LaFollette         812-436-7952               jlafollette@evansvillepolice.com




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